Free “No Obligation” Quotation Service (Except Home-Buyers)

We offer a completely free quotation service to homeowners, landlords, commercial tenants, main contractors, property managers, etc.

The only exclusion to this service is prospective home-buyers.

Subject only to current commitments and the availability of resources we will be pleased to carry out an on-site inspection and provide a report and detailed quotation for most aspects of roofing renewal or repair works.

Home Buyers  (We are currently unable to provide this service due to contract works commitments – we will reinstate the service as soon as possible.)

Pre-Purchase Inspection, Report & Quotation

As a service to homebuyers we will carry out an inspection, and provide a written report and detailed quotation on your prospective new property.

Unfortunately we cannot offer this as a free service and our charge, which is based on the amount of time (including travelling & report preparation) that each survey is expected to take, ranges from £75.00 to £135.00, plus VAT. Please contact us to obtain details of the fee applicable to the area where your new home is located.

In order to book this service we ask you to send us written instructions and the following:

  1. The address of the property to be inspected.
  2. A copy of the professional survey report (if applicable) giving details of the reported faults.
  3. Contact details for the present owner or their Estate Agent for purposes of obtaining access.
  4. Your current residential address as a mailing point for the report.
  5. Your cheque for the appropriate fee. (This will not be banked until such time as the inspection has been carried out. If you should withdraw from the purchase negotiations, for whatever reason, prior to our inspection we will simply return your cheque to you.) Should you proceed to purchase the property and subsequently instruct us to carry out any recommended works we will discount the invoiced cost of the works by half the amount of the inspection and report fee.